Emergencies seldom center on convenience. Late nights, early mornings, weekends and holidays seem to be when emergency services are needed most. Our immediate response includes an experienced project manager who will assess your situation. An immediate board up crew is properly equipped and trained to handle the vast variety of emergency situations that arise. The structural and technical restoration personnel will then work with you to restore your property and business operations quickly and efficiently.

At J & R Contracting each emergency response crew is properly equipped and trained to handle the vast variety of emergency situations that arise due to fire, water, break in, auto accident, tree damage and wind. We are local and ready to serve you 24 hours a day. Our 14,000 square foot contents restoration facility offers modern technology providing enhanced capabilities.

Often the difference between losing fine furniture, electronics, art and rugs to a fire or water loss is the speed at which the contents are removed from the contaminated environment and moved to a restoration facility for immediate care. Our state-of-the-art contents cleaning and restoration facility is dedicated to providing the best opportunity for salvageable items to be restored in an efficient, cost-effective manner. With advanced electronics cleaning equipment at the core of our restoration process, most electronics can be cleaned and restored to previous operating condition without damage to printed circuit boards, power supplies, monitors, hard drives or motors. Utilizing various deodorizing chambers, both on-site and at the cleaning facility, allows even heavily odor-impregnated contents to be restored to useable condition.

  • Restore sensitive electronics equipment
  • Clean delicate figurines and collectibles
  • Process dry cleaning
  • Textile restoration
  • Clean hard and soft furniture
  • Deodorize all content items
  • Fine art restoration
  • Specialty equipment restoration
  • Restaurant equipment restoration